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Bathrooms are famous for being small rooms that do a lot of work. And whether you have your bathroom to yourself or share it with the rest of your family, you’ll need space to store bottles and jars, towels and robes, medicines and makeup, not to mention the usual bathroom supplies and cleaning materials. All while keeping your bathroom functional. 
Bathroom storage is a hot topic and in today’s blog, we love to point out an area that’s often forgotten when it comes to storage: corners. 
Bathroom Storage Ideas: Making Use of Corners | Alchester Tiles Bicester, Oxfordshire
Rather than be wasted space, corners are ideal for adding much needed storage space to your bathroom without impinging on the equally valuable floor space. And in a bathroom, corner storage can take many forms. You may think you have no spare storage space after fitting the bath. You may think that there’s no space between the sink and the wall, but bathroom designers have long pondered the problem of bathroom storage space. 
And they’ve come up with quite a few useful ideas. 
Like countertop storage narrow enough to fit around the sink, but useful to store makeup and toiletries. 
Or mesh corner storage shelves that fit right into your shower or over the bath to take care of shampoos, conditioners, bath oils and shower gels that would otherwise swallow valuable counter space. And don’t forget tall corner storage units. Freestanding or as part of your built-in bathroom furniture, they offer a lot of storage space for a comparatively small footprint. 
Bathroom corners are clearly too valuable to leave them just for the spiders. If you need help deciding where or how to add much needed storage to your bathroom, please come and see us. We have years of experience putting functional bathrooms together and we simply love to solve your problems – whether they involve corners or not. 
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