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Your bathroom is the hardest-working room in your home. It needs to help wake you up in the morning and needs to be relaxing enough to help you to sleep at night. It deals with emergencies like getting soaked coming home, or the aftermath of muddy rugby matches. It hosts makeup and hairdressing parties and is no stranger to spilled cosmetics or hair dye. And, of course, you want your bathroom to be able to accommodate all the accessories you need for getting clean and getting ready to go out. 
Bathrooms work hard for the small spaces they are in most homes. 
But you can make it easier on yourself and your bathroom by planning for storage when you plan your bathroom. Manufacturers of bathroom furniture are well aware of the demands we are making of our bathrooms and have risen to the challenge. 
Visit our showroom, and we can show you storage solutions you might not have considered when looking at your bathroom. 
Bathroom storage solutions from Alchester Tiles, Bicester
Slimline cabinets can add storage to even a small cloakroom. 
Floating bathroom units add storage space without your bathroom feeling cramped. 
Narrow cabinets fit over the cistern of your toilet, making use of space that's often neglected 
Like high storage in your kitchen, the space over your door is ideal to store items you need to have around, but don't use every day. 
The space under your bath can be utilised to hide cleaning products or store spare bath products. 
Corners are not just for spiders to build webs. Once you've seen our corner cabinets you'll agree that they are much more useful than that. 
And finally, by choosing your radiators wisely, you may actually free up wall space that can be used for storage. 
Storage concerns are at the forefront of many of our customers' minds. But they don't need to be. Come and bring us your problems! We love solving them and you may be surprised what's available these days. Bathroom furniture really has come a very long way – so give the hardest-working room in your house the tools it needs to do the job even better. 
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