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For many of us, the bathroom is the first and last room we spend time in every day – and it’s surprising how much of an impact it can have on our mood. Especially in the winter, when it gets light later and dark earlier and the sunshine can be in short supply. A cheerful, uplifting bathroom can brighten our mornings and help us relax at night – and during this time of year, cheerful and uplifting is a good thing to have. 
So for this week’s blog, we have collected a few tips on how to turn your bathroom into a perfect space to tackle the winter blues. 

Bright Colours 

Colours are powerful things. They can cheer and brighten a room, they can add a feeling of calm, and they can help you relax... all depending on what colours you choose, of course. 
Colours are a very personal things, so when you need cheering, choose colours you love, colours that make you happy.  
Or why not check out some colour combinations that are very “in” at the moment – like ink blue and burnt orange, which create a contemporary look, or mulberry, which creates a very opulent, sophisticated bathroom – and see how they make you feel? 
How to Tackle the Winter Blues | Alchester Tiles Bicester
How to Tackle the Winter Blues | Alchester Tiles Bicester | Image Copyright: DesignSeeds / AlanaStipech
Image Copyright: DesignSeeds and AlanaStipech 


Bathrooms tend to be small, well-lit spaces. If yours isn’t, change to brighter, daylight bulbs as this can make all the difference when you’re struggling with the winter blues. 
Bright lights in the morning will help you wake up, even when it’s grumpy out. 
And if you're looking for something to help you wind down at night, then why not take a bath by candlelight? You might be surprised how soothing soft light can be. 


White sanitary ware and tiles can make a bathroom look a little clinical. But this look is very easily improved with bath mats, rugs, colourful towels and your bathroom accessories. Shades of grey and metal accessories create a very soft look that’s excellent for this time of year. Why not look out for chunky grey rugs or bath mats and add a bit of bling in the shape of candleholders, mirrors or picture frames if you have the space. 
How to Tackle the Winter Blues | Alchester Tiles Bicester
If you need help choosing accessories that are as cheerful as they are functional and useful, then why not come and see us. We’ll be very happy to show you our favourite items to tackle the winter blues. 
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