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Everyone loves a beautiful, spacious bathroom – but short of moving walls, we often have to make do with the space we have. You may be able to skip the wardrobe in the guest bedroom and opt for a chest of drawers to give your guests more space, but leaving out the sink or bath in your bathroom is not really an option. 
Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of the space you have available and they don't involve having to move the walls. 
Slimline fitted bathroom furniture – like this design which is only 1200mm wide – can give you storage space without taking up too much room. The gloss finish is another bonus, since the way it reflects the light helps to make the room look larger. 
Another space-saving choice is to opt for a shower with a sliding door rather than one that opens out into the room, which allows you to move the furniture closer than you would otherwise be able to. 
You can see this layout and other designs that are ideal for making the most of a small bathroom in our Bicester showroom. And if you're not sure what will best suit your space, please don't be afraid to ask. 
At Alchester Tiles, expert advice is entirely free and we love it when customers bring their problems to us! 
We also have other useful tips and tricks up our sleeves, because fitting ceramics and bathroom furniture that makes the most of your space is only part of the story.  
Slimline bathroom furniture and a sliding shower door help make the most of a small bathroom | © Alchester Tiles Bicester
So here are a few nifty and very simple ideas to make sure your small bathroom doesn't just work as well as a much larger one, it also looks the part: 
Choose pale colours for your bathroom tiles, and look for a glossy finish for an extra airy and spacious feel for your bathroom 
Tile your shower enclosure all the way up to the ceiling. The fewer breaks and transitions there are, the larger your bathroom will look. 
Wall-mounted (floating) bathroom fittings and furniture will make the room look larger. 
Using the same colour wall and floor tiles and matching grout will open up even the smallest room. 
If you currently have a shower enclosure made from textured glass or a shower curtain, you'll know that it will separate the shower from the rest of the space. Choosing a clear shower enclosure doesn't just let you look all the way to the opposite wall, it will also make the shower enclosure feel part of a much larger bathroom. 
Paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls, especially if your ceiling slopes or has odd nooks and crannies. By minimising steps and transitions, you'll make your bathroom feel larger and more open. 
If your bathroom needs a little TLC and you'd love to make the most of the space you have, why not come see us with your ideas? We love to help you get the bathroom you deserve! 
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