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Why large format tiles may be just what you need 

Many of our customers tell us that choosing tiles is difficult. Not only do we stock tiles in a huge range of colours, finishes and patterns, we also stock them in a large variety of sizes. So once you’ve settled on a colour scheme for your new bathroom, kitchen or hallway and have decided on a tile you like, the next question rears its head: what size tile should you choose? 
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Marble Effect Tiles from Original Style 
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Is there a benefit to selecting large-format tiles? Or does your installer simply recommend them because they’re faster to lay? 
Actually, large format tiles have a lot going for them. And a lazy tiler isn’t anywhere in that list! 
Large tiles do cover your space faster. There will be fewer grout lines between the tiles and the finished wall or floor would look very clean. If you’re after a sleek, unfussy look – choose a large-format tile. 
Looks can be very deceiving. And when it comes to small, cramped rooms that’s a good thing. Large-sized tiles, used in a small area, trick the eye into imagining a much larger space. Even more so if you use the same large tiles on both your walls and your floor to create one continuous look. If your bathroom or kitchen is on the small side, and you’d love it to look larger – choose a large-format tile. 
Gone are the days when tiles were all one size and there were maybe one or two larger-sized tiles on offer. We stock large format tiles in both porcelain and ceramic. We stock printed tiles made to look like wood, natural stone or patterned concrete, so you can have exactly the style you want for your rooms, whether it’s ultra-modern or delightfully quaint. If style is important to you – choose large-format tiles. 
Finally – yes, if you use larger tiles you need fewer of them to cover your walls and floors. So the tiling should be done faster. And with fewer grout lines, the cleaning will be easier too. If you’re looking for a wall or floor covering that makes your life easier – choose large-format tiles. :-) 
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