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Many people automatically choose light colours for their bathroom walls, aiming for a bright, relaxed space that feels airy and larger than it is. But there is something to be said for painting your bathroom walls a rich, dark colour or choosing darker tiles, because it can give your bathroom a very cosy feel. It doesn’t have to be the deep green so favoured by our Victorian forbears, either. 
It’s early morning. You’re getting ready for work and – as usual when you’re running behind – you can’t find a thing. Not your contacts, not your hair bands, not your watch or makeup brushes. Instead, you go through mountains of bathroom clutter. You search through magazines, rifle through a whole pot full of cosmetic samples and turn out a box of hair accessories, only conscious of time passing. Multiply by the number of family members sharing your bathroom, all faced with the same problem, and you’re now truly late. 
Bathroom clutter is a reality we’re all familiar with, but it doesn’t really have to be that way! 
We would like to wish all our customers a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy, Successful New Year! 
We will be open until midday Friday, December 23rd and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 as usual. 
So you’ve moved into a new home and want to make it yours. You can paint the walls. You can choose patterned wallpaper. You can turn fitted furniture into changeable wall décor. You can add carpets, rugs and throws to add a little colour and character. Or you can lay Victorian floor tiles. 
If you listen to the weather forecasters you may have heard that we’re in for a long, hard winter. So far, they seem to be on track. We’ve had the first snow up north and even in Oxfordshire the mornings have been frosty. All that, while we’re barely into December. It’s too early to know whether there’ll be a white Christmas. It’s not too early to make sure your home makes it safely through the winter. 
Have you noticed how our lives are getting faster? How everything we do has to be done at speed? Add the need to save resources, and that need for speed even invades our bathrooms. Most of us use the shower more often than the bath, but there’s something luxurious about stretching out in a brimming tub filled with scented bubbles. Teamed with music, candles and a glass of Prosecco, it makes a relaxing end to a busy day, washing away the cares of the day like nothing else. 
Why are so many bathrooms a symphony in white on white? There are a number of very good reasons, from a visual sense of cleanliness to giving a feeling of space. But stylish bathrooms, even small ones, don’t have to be all white. And neither do they have to be bland and boring. 
Your bathroom is the hardest-working room in your home. It needs to help wake you up in the morning and needs to be relaxing enough to help you to sleep at night. It deals with emergencies like getting soaked coming home, or the aftermath of muddy rugby matches. It hosts makeup and hairdressing parties and is no stranger to spilled cosmetics or hair dye. And, of course, you want your bathroom to be able to accommodate all the accessories you need for getting clean and getting ready to go out. 
Gone are the days when tiles were simply squares and only came in one or two sizes. Today, tile manufacturers offer a raft of sizes from 30mm x 30mm square to 3000mm x 1500mm rectangles, which are a good bit taller than most of us! Not to mention mosaic tiles in a range of shapes and sizes and beautiful decorative hexagonal tiles. 
While it's great to have so much fabulous choice, it can make picking the right tiles for your bathroom a little bit of a tricky task. But while colour and style are very much personal choices only you can make, you can come to us if you need help with choosing the right sized tile! 
So does it matter what size your tiles are? 
So you’ve had your kitchen or bathroom done and the end result looks stunning. Except for the sad, teetering stack of leftover tiles that languish in a corner. Well, we have news. No tile is ever wasted! 
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