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Have you noticed how our lives are getting faster? How everything we do has to be done at speed? Add the need to save resources, and that need for speed even invades our bathrooms. Most of us use the shower more often than the bath, but there’s something luxurious about stretching out in a brimming tub filled with scented bubbles. Teamed with music, candles and a glass of Prosecco, it makes a relaxing end to a busy day, washing away the cares of the day like nothing else. 
Bathtubs come in a multitude of shapes these days, so here we’re going to look at some very traditional options. These bathtubs look stunning in a traditional home, harking back to times when life was slower and bathing was a real luxury. 

The Rolltop Bath 

Traditional Bathtubs: Rolltop Bath | Alchester Tiles Bicester
Traditional Bathtubs: The beautiful rolltop 
Image: Clearwater 
The Rolltop is the most traditional of all bathtubs. It’s freestanding, with a curved lip and distinctive claw or ball feet.  
In modern rolltops, the taps are most often wall mounted or placed on the side of the bath.  
For an extra-special look, you could paint the outside of your rolltop in a colour to match your décor. 

 The Slipper Bath 

Like something out of a film, slipper baths pull up high on one side, offering back and neck support to you while you enjoy your well-deserved soak.  
Traditional slipper baths have a curved lip, are freestanding and supported on feet.  
The taps are most often positioned at the shallow end, but can also be placed to the side to leave both ends free. 
Traditional Bathtubs: Slipper Bath | Alchester Tiles Bicester
A traditional slipper bath 
Image: Clearwater 

 The Bateau or Boat 

Traditional Bathtubs: Bateau or Boat | Alchester Tiles Bicester
Traditional Bathtubs: The Boat or bateau 
Image: Clearwater 
The bateau or boat is the tub to pick if you love to share a soak with a special someone. 
Similar to the Slipper Bath, the bateau or boat has ends that curve high to give back support to the bather – but it’s double ended. Like the rolltop and the slipper it’s freestanding and sits on very pretty feet.  
And to make sure you both enjoy your bath in comfort, taps for the bateau should always be placed to the side of the tub. 
If you’re bathroom has a traditional style, or would like to add some old-world charm and luxury, then you can’t go wrong with one of these three. We would highly recommend that you test them for comfort before you make your choice, since there’s nothing nicer than having a bath that fits… not just into your home, but also into your life. 
And if you’re not sure whether a slipper or a boat is the best traditional bath tub for you, or you’re wondering if a rolltop would fit into your plans, then please come and talk to us. We stock modern and traditional high-quality bathtubs from Britton, Clearwater and Cleargreen and we are always ready to show you around our display and discuss your plans. 
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