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It’s early morning. You’re getting ready for work and – as usual when you’re running behind – you can’t find a thing. Not your contacts, not your hair bands, not your watch or makeup brushes. Instead, you go through mountains of bathroom clutter. You search through magazines, rifle through a whole pot full of cosmetic samples and turn out a box of hair accessories, only conscious of time passing. Multiply by the number of family members sharing your bathroom, all faced with the same problem, and you’re now truly late. 
Bathroom clutter is a reality we’re all familiar with, but it doesn’t really have to be that way! 
Say no to bathroom clutter | Alchester Tiles Bicester
An uncluttered bathroom where you can lay your hand on anything you need when you need it, that lets you relax after a hard day and gives you a much calmer start to the morning doesn’t have to be a dream. 
A bathroom is a busy place, so simply placing items where you see fit isn’t the best idea to keep your bathroom tidy. To have everything in its place and easy to hand needs a little planning. Think of aisles in your local supermarket. They’re laid out so that the most popular items are just around eye level and easy to pull off the shelf as you walk past, while less frequently bought items are stored on the upper or lower shelves. If you apply that same concept to the items in your bathroom, you’ll find that the hairdryer, shaving foam or makeup are much less likely to get lost. 
So how do you go about creating this haven of uncluttered, organised zen? We suggest you grab yourself three boxes and a bin liner and start sorting through the contents of your bathroom. Start at the far side of your bathroom and work your way forward, arranging all items into four groups. 
Items you use all the time 
Items you use at regular intervals 
Spares and items you use every now and then 
Stuff you just don’t need 

The Rejects 

We all have them: hair accessories bought on a whim, cosmetics samples we didn’t like, odd bits of makeup, flashy cleaners, spare straighteners and curlers.... be ruthless when you go through your bathroom. If you haven’t used it in the last six months you most likely won’t ever, so throw it out or give it away. Make sure you check the expiry dates on rarely used items like travel-sized cosmetics. Makeup goes out of fashion and out of date, too! And eye makeup in particular can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so better be safe than sorry. 

The Spares 

This box is for items you don’t use very often: spare cleaning materials, the footspa you rarely dig out, extra bathrobes and towels, a travel hairdryer... these can all be stored away on high shelves, over your door, or at the bottom of your bathroom cupboard. 

The Regularly Used 

Thix box has items you don’t use every day, but reach for at least once a week like bathroom cleaning supplies, nail care kits, hair accessories, the going-out makeup. Medicines and first aid materials can go into this box, too, just so they’re close to hand. Put them in the closest bathroom cabinet or under your sink, so you don’t have to go far when you need them. 

The Essentials 

These are the items you use every day: shower gel and shampoo, toothbrush and paste, razor, deodorant, hairdryer, brushes... these items get open, easily accessible places around the sink or the bath. 
Hair brushes in a jug on the windowsill, toothpaste and brushes by the sink, shower accessories by the bath or in the shower. 
A shower caddy or stainless steel corner unit makes for great open storage, letting you see at a glance what you have and what is running low and need to be replaced. 
A pretty box for everyday makeup and hair accessories will keep all the items you need in one place. 
And to make your bathroom look even more pulled together you can decant shower gel or shampoo into smart, matching containers. 
A shower caddy from our Britton Bathroom collection can help you beat bathroom clutter | Alchester Tiles
Say no to Bathroom Clutter | Alchester Tiles
We stock plenty of great, well-designed accessories from shelves to hangers and from mirrored cabinets to toothbrush holders to help you keep your bathroom both clutter free and looking stylish and we’re always happy to help out with extra suggestions should you be stuck! 
All you need to do is grab your list of problems and ideas and pay us a visit at our Bicester showroom. We look forward to seeing you. 
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