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Why are so many bathrooms a symphony in white on white? There are a number of very good reasons, from a visual sense of cleanliness to giving a feeling of space. But stylish bathrooms, even small ones, don’t have to be all white. And neither do they have to be bland and boring. 
Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in our homes, so keeping them white and bright helps with making them appear larger than they are. And, of course, we don’t want our bathrooms to just be clean, we want them to look that way, too, and white can achieve that very quickly. A pale colour scheme can also create a relaxed feeling in your bathroom, so going all white can be an easy choice. 
But there’s really no need to focus on cleanliness and a feeling of space over a touch of individuality. 
While coloured sanitaryware is – thankfully – a thing of the past, bathroom furniture and décor, have never suffered from the same problem. Which is excellent news for everyone who would love to add a splash of colour to their bathroom. 
Paint the walls. Light, grey tones will give your bathroom an airy, spacious feel, but will add a contemporary touch, while red-based colours add an inviting, friendly feel. You could even experiment with a feature wall! 
Fit coloured bathroom cabinets like these ones from our Britton range. They show off your white ceramics to perfection and the glossy finish will make the most of the light, even if your bathroom is on the small side. And they come in a range of beautiful colours to suit all styles. 
Stylish bathrooms don't have to be white | Alchester Tiles, Bicester, also offers coloured bathroom furniture
Coloured bathroom furniture from our Britton Range 
Image: Britton Bathrooms 
If your dream bathroom must have white furniture, you can add colour in other ways. Fit coloured worktops or create cheerful, multicoloured splashbacks using glass mosaics. Or you can always choose some of our gorgeously coloured and patterned tiles or shower panels to decorate your walls. 
And if you have the tiniest of dark cloakrooms? 
No problem. 
Even small bathrooms can have colour | Victorian Floortiles from Alchester Tiles, Bicester
Victorian Floor Tiles from Original Style 
Image: Original Style 
Keep the ceramics and furniture a bright, glossy white to bring in the light. Select pale tiles to ensure your cloakroom looks as bright as possible, but rescue it from being a bland, uninteresting space with colourful Victorian floor tiles! 
The Victorians, inventors of industrial-scale mass production, had a deep love for tiles and you may be surprised how many enticing colours and patterns they created over the years to decorate the floors, walls, kitchens and fireplaces in their homes. 
There’s no need for you to stick to simple black-and-white or even red-and-white tiles when choosing your bathroom flooring. Neither does your floor have to consist of simple squares.  
Victorian floor tiles – we stock tiles from Original Style – come in many shapes, a range of traditional colours, and can be laid in a multitude of stunning patterns. And all are designed to let you create an eye catching floor that will earn a wow from visitors and family alike. 
In our Bicester showroom, we have examples of beautiful coloured tiles for you to check out. We even have room sets where you can see our coloured tiles “in action”. Why not stop by? Bring mood boards, bring swatches, bring your ideas... we’re always happy to help you find just the right ingredients for your dream bathroom. 
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