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There’s nothing more off-putting than a freshly cleaned bathroom that still looks grimy. You know what we’re talking about, right? Tiles that don’t reflect the light and grout lines that are grey veering towards black don’t make a great impression on anyone. 
Tiles lose their sparkle over time as soap scum, limescale and grease cover the surface with a film that even some bathroom cleaners struggle to shift. The same scum and limescale accumulate in the grouting between the tiles, and since grout is more porous, it discolours before the tiles do. 
So can you restore your tiles to their former glory? 
Yes, you can! Most tiles and mildly stained grouting clean up very well with a bit of TLC and the grease-shifting power of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. The vinegar cuts the grease and the bicarb acts like a mild abrasive on the surface of the tiles, breaking down the film of scum and grime. For more heavily stained grout, you may need to apply neat bleach with a toothbrush or try a steam cleaner with a brush attachment. 

What you'll need to clean your tiles: 

A steamy bathroom 
Rubber gloves 
White (spirit) vinegar 
Bicarbonate of soda 
An empty spray bottle 
Microfibre cloths 

What to do: 

First, run a hot shower until your bathroom is nice and steamy 
Mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in an empty spray bottle. Shake well and dilute with water so it sprays easily. 
Wearing rubber gloves, spray the cleaning mix onto your tiles and leave for 10 minutes before you wipe the tiles down with a damp cloth, rinse off thoroughly and buff them to a shine after. 

How to keep your tiles sparkling 

LTP Grout & Tile Protector from Alchester Tiles, Bicester for sparkling tiles and gleaming grout
A good way to avoid limescale and soap scum build up is to wipe your tiles down with a dry cloth as soon as you’re done showering. Opening a window to lower humidity in the room, or installing a bathroom fan will also help. 
And if you’re installing a new bathroom, make sure your installer uses anti-mould or mould resistant grout and sealant, just to give yourself a head start in the cleaning stakes! 
If you're not sure what to use, you can come to us. We recommend (and stock) LTP Grout & Tile Protector, which comes in a handy spray and seals your tiles and grouting between deep cleans.  
Just top up your protection when you need it! 
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