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Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the week this year and you know how it is – you’d really love to do something romantic, but the love of your life is rushed off her feet between a super busy job and looking after the family. The last thing on her mind is finding a babysitter, getting dolled up after a long day and going out to spend time in yet another busy place. 
Transform your bathroom into a romantic oasis | Alchester Tiles Bicester
So what can you do? 
Go for a spot of pampering, that’s what. And it’s not as complicated – or as expensive – as it sounds. With just a little bit of planning it really doesn’t take much to transform your everyday bathroom into a romantic oasis for the two of you. 
Why the bathroom, we hear you ask? 
Because bathrooms can be a very romantic space – just ask the Romans. Between wine, hot water, wall paintings and stunning mosaic tiles, they were great believers in having fun in the bath. In the early Middle Ages, bathing was as much a communal affair as it was in Roman times, and flirting and courting played a big part – along with rather a lot of food. 
While we’re not suggesting you serve dinner in the bath – though dessert is fine! - a long soak in scented bubbles, soft music and a few treats can quickly add up to a lovely, relaxing evening for two. 

Need some ideas? Just follow along. 

1. Make sure you have lots of fluffy towels handy – grab some new, cheerily coloured ones while you’re out shopping if yours have seen better days. 
2. Stock up on your favourite bubbles and bath salts or be adventurous. Bath bombs come in a surprising range of stunning scents, with rose petals and minerals added for extra wow. 
3. Candles. Get loads in all sizes, red or scented if you like. Windowsills and cabinets make safe spaces for larger candles and tea lights can be dotted around the rim of the tub for a very soft, romantic look. You can even float some candles in the bath – no fear of setting anything on fire except maybe her heart. 
4. Flowers... are nice but not essential. Roses will go with the day. An orchid will add a touch of style and Zen. Go with what feels right. 
5. Have your favourite tipple and glasses ready, whether it’s Prosecco or red wine. Or serve huge mugs of hot chocolate topped with swirls of cream. And put together a tray of snacks to share in the tub. M&Ms straight out of the freezer, baklava, chocolates, ice cream or your very favourite nibbles will all work a treat. This isn’t about eating dinner. It’s about treating each other! 
Turn your bathroom into a romantic oasis | Alchester Tiles Bicester Turn your bathroom into a romantic oasis | Alchester Tiles Bicester
Now turn out the lights, start up some music and light all your candles. After that, pour the wine, lay back and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day without crowds... in your very own romantic oasis. 
Happy Valentine's Day! 
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