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So you’ve had your kitchen or bathroom done and the end result looks stunning. Except for the sad, teetering stack of leftover tiles that languish in a corner. Well, we have news. No tile is ever wasted! 
We choose our tiles with longevity, quality and style in mind, which means that even leftover tiles are pretty enough to be put to good use around your home. Tiles are sturdy and durable, so they’re perfect for upcycling... and here we have put together a few ideas to get you started. 
What to do with leftover tiles | Alchester Tiles Bicester
As swanky restaurants up and down the country are showing us, floor tiles and larger wall tiles make excellent serving plates for anything from drinks and nibbles to burgers and chips, puddings or an impressive cheeseboard. Their tops are sealed, so they don’t absorb flavours as easily as wooden boards, and they’re very easy to clean. Just add some felt or cork to the back of each tile to protect your wooden furniture and impress your friends with a stylish restaurant look the next time you throw a party. 
What to do with leftover tiles | Alchester Tiles Bicester
What to do with leftover tiles | Alchester Tiles Bicester
Mosaic tiles are the easiest to recycle, whether the sheets are still whole or you’ve used some of them for your new bathroom or kitchen. 
A spare sheet, simply glued into place, can turn a plain, wooden serving tray into a visual delight, worthy to serve afternoon tea or breakfast in bed from. You could also add a little sparkle to your work day by creating an unusually shaped coaster for your mug of mid-morning coffee. 
What to do with leftover tiles? | Alchester Tiles Bicester
That’s for whole sheets of leftover mosaic tiles, of course. If you’re a little handy with scissors and tile cutters... or like to make your own mosaics, then you can take this a lot further! 
You could transform a plain photo or mirror frame into something bright and magical... and get the kids to help! Or add colour to your kitchen or bathroom by covering drinking glasses with a layer of tile mosaic for a one-of-a-kind, personalised drinking mug. 
And that’s not all of it. Planters and flower pots can get a second wind – and a little more stability – by being surrounded by a layer of tile. Mix and match as you have them and add some interest to your garden or windowsill at no extra cost. 
Finally, don’t ditch that old coffee table, even if its scarred top tells the tale of too many hot mugs set down indiscriminately, or games played a little too roughly. Give it a new lease of life by covering the top with a layer of tiles. You’ll find that it doesn’t just look stunning, but is also safe to park mugs of hot drinks on, easy to clean and good for a few more years. 
For stunningly beautiful tiles, adhesive, grout and tools and plenty good advice... please visit our Bicester showroom. We simply love our tiles – whatever you plan to use them for! 
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