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Bathtubs aren’t a thing of mystery. Most people have one and we all know they can be traditionally styled or look thoroughly modern. They can come with feet or without, can fit in corners and can be styled for one bather or two. Taps can be part of the tub, or be fitted outside, and these days even the outside of your tub can be made to fit your décor. 
When a Bathtub isn't "Just" a Bathtub | Alchester Tiles Bicester | Image copyright: Clearwater
Admiral bathtub from Clearwater 
Image copyright: Clearwater 
So really... there's no mystery left when it comes to bathtubs, right? 
The shape of your bathtub is often dictated by available space and prevailing design trends, and when you come to furnish your bathroom, you’ll soon pick a favourite. 
The material your tub is made of may be harder to decide on. Should it be cast iron, which lasts forever and holds the heat well, or should you opt for cheaper fiberglass-reinforced plastic, so you can change the bath when fashions do? 
Then there are the more recent trends of stone or marble tubs, stainless steel soaking tubs and even wooden bathtubs. Would they suit your lifestyle? And what kind of difference would they make to the little bit of me-time that’s a long hot soak? 
Choosing the material, or the look and style of your tub isn’t the end of the decision-making. Modern bathtubs can come with a number of unexpected extra features you may want to consider. 
Whirlpool tubs are equipped with powerful jets that pummel tired muscles to help you relax. Some standard bathtubs can have back jets added to focus soothing massage right onto aching backs and necks. 
Then there are air tubs, where warmed air gently bubbles through your bath water for the ultimate relaxation experience. 
And have you heard of chromotherapy? It’s the soothing, relaxing and energising power of light – specifically, underwater LED lights that cycle through an array of colours to help you relax — and you can take advantage of this relaxing treatment right in your bathtub. 
If this wasn’t quite enough to take in yet, here’s the answer to running out of hot water, or having to get out of the bath when the water gets cold: fit an inline heater, which will help to maintain your bath at the perfect temperature, so you don’t have to get out one moment before you want to. 
So, what do you think? Are bathtubs entirely without mystery or do they still have a trick or two in store for you? 
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