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Everyone is familiar with tiled bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks. But tiles are much more versatile than that. Go on holiday to Spain, and you’ll quickly realise that tiles could have a place in every room of your home, and your garden too! 
Bathroom floors and kitchen floors immediately come to mind when someone mentions tiles, but how about your hallway? Much can be said for tiling your hallway floor since there’s nothing nicer than to come home to an inviting, welcoming hallway. But hallways are tricky places. 
They're often oddly shaped. 
They can be dark. 
And they catch the brunt of wet clothes, dirty shoes, umbrellas and oodles of knick-knacks. 
Grubby, untidy hallways are a bane. And it’s here where a tiled floor can make your life much easier. 
Floor tiles are sturdy and durable, which means they can handle a lot of traffic and quite a bit of abuse. They’re also easy to clean. Dust on a dry day and mop to get rid of extra dirt... and your hallway looks clean and inviting in no time flat. 
Why not tile it? | Alchester Tiles Bicester
Tiles are great for the style-conscious, too. Tiling your hallway can give you a blank canvas that you can dress up with rugs to change your hallways’ mood. Pastel or neutral-coloured tiles will let you draw attention to your wall colour, hallway furniture, art or floral displays... all without overwhelming what is usually a smallish space. 
Why not tile it? | Hallwy tiled with Victorian Floor Tiles from Original Style | Image copyright: Original Style
Victorian Floor Tiles from Original Style | Image copyright: Original Style 
Or... you could let your floor make the statement.  
Choose some gorgeous Victorian floor tiles and use patterns and colours to draw people into your home. Plain walls and woodwork will set off your tiles to perfection. 
And these days, with printing technology so much improved, you could even choose wood effect ceramic tiles for your hallway and let visitors wonder whether it’s tile or floorboards they’re walking on. 
We’re sure you agree that tiles are no longer just for bathrooms and kitchens. Floor tiles fit into our lives just as they fit into many places in our homes.  
Your hallway is just one of them. 
If you’d like help choosing the perfect floor tiles for your hallway, why not visit our showroom and check out our large selection of stunningly beautiful floor tiles including Victorian patterns and wood effect ceramic tiles. We’d love to show you our favourites! 
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